Alongside the launch of a major new update for Battlefield 2042, EA has spoken a bit about what"s next for the game. That includes the launch of a new map and specialist, which will hit next year, as well as time-limited 64-player modes for PC and new-gen consoles.

Following the third update that launches today, a new patch is planned to arrive for Battlefield 2042 later in December. But it"s next year that will bring with it a slate of new content, including a map called Exposure. While we didn"t get any specific details about its setting or what it will involve, EA tells GameSpot that it will be something special by saying it «tak[es] map design to a whole new level.» Just what that means is anyone"s guess at this point.

2022 will see the launch of the game"s first live season, and we"ll also be getting a new specialist, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. Over the course of the year, we"ll get multiple seasons, each with its own set of new content. Further specifics have not been shared, and we don"t yet know the release schedule for any of this.

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