DC"s Flashpoint reality will be making a return later this year as a new limited series that focuses on one of the most tragic characters of that parallel universe. The original Flashpoint event was the result of the Flash messing up the timeline of the DC Universe, resulting in a darker world where Wonder Woman and Aquaman"s war had devastated the planet, Superman had been imprisoned by the US government since he crash-landed in Kansas as an infant, and Thomas Wayne had become the Batman after his son Bruce was gunned down.

The Flashpoint universe was eventually erased from the multiverse after it led into the New 52 reboot, although traces of it have popped up over the years since then. Original Flashpoint writer Geoff Johns will team up with co-writers Jeremy Adams (The Flash) and Tim Sheridan (Teen Titans) and artists Eduardo Risso and Xermanico for a new limited series called Flashpoint Beyond, which sees Thomas Wayne back in action.

Batman"s hunt for the mysterious Clockwork Killer leads him to Europe and a showdown with Aquaman, and reveals just how he survived the climax of Flashpoint. You can see a preview of the first two issues in the gallery below:

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