A hotfix to address ongoing matchmaking issues related to Halo Infinite"s Big Team Battle mode is slated to arrive in the middle of next week, according to developer 343 Industries.

The patch has completed testing and is currently going through the Xbox certification process and should be good to go for next week barring no new issues arise, 343 writes on the Halo Waypoint forums. Big Team Battle has suffered from varying levels of unplayability over the last few weeks due to matchmaking issues that would cause players to disconnect or fail to load into a match. The issue is more severe for large groups of players.

As a thank you for players patiently waiting for the issue to be resolved over the holiday break, 343 is giving out five XP boosts and five challenge swaps to all players who log in following the release of next week"s hotfix. The free boosts and challenge swaps offer will be claimable for about a month, 343 says.

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