Ghostface from the Scream movie series is coming to Among Us as part of the popular game"s first film collaboration. This was announced during a livestream featuring actors Jack Quaid and Mason Gooding, along with streamers Tina Kitten, 5Upps, Noah J, Kara Corvus, and Chilled Chaos.

The Ghostface content, which includes a hat and a skin, will be given away to all players for free «soon.» You can re-watch the «Scream plays Among Us» video below to see Quaid, Gooding, and the streamers play the game, and discuss the film and this partnership.

While Ghostface/Scream is the first movie collaboration for Among Us, the popular independent game has welcomed big-name guests before. Politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played Among Us and discussed her policies, while Jimmy Fallon played during his late night TV show.

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